9 weeks unless you take the class on-line where you can complete the courses at your own pace.
Transcripts are usually available and mailed or picked-up 4 business days after the course ends. Transcripts will only be issued to those students who have earned a passing grade for the course and have sufficient attendance (80%). You will receive 2 for each course.
You send one of the transcripts for each course to PSI, along with their registration form for them to determine your eligibility to take the exam. The other transcripts must be mailed to the Real Estate Commission after you pass the test.
Background check, test results, transcripts, and application & fee for licensing.
We can issue you a replacement transcript; however, it must be picked up in person, and a $10 cash payment must be made. If a check is used for payment, we will mail the transcript to you in 4 weeks, after the check has cleared. We do not accept credit card payments for lost transcripts.
Yes, it is. Only about 72% of the people who take it statewide pass it the first time. However, we are pleased to report that most of "our" students pass the first time due to the quality of our courses and instructors. We also highly recommend taking the Exam Prep Course. You must study. Don't decide what is and what is not important. Study it all.
No. An application with supporting documentation and a fee must be sent to the State Real Estate Commission.
Once the license is issued, it will be active until May 31 of the next EVEN numbered year. Then, it must be renewed by taking 14 hours of Continuing Education and submitting a renewal form and fee.

PSI Exam: $49 includes both portions of the exam. For more details see the PSI website.

License Application Fees: $107.00 – Includes $72.00 licensure fee, $25.00 application fee and $10.00 recovery fund fee. • All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. For license application go here.